With the cold weather coming down and not looking like it’s going to stop anytime soon, we are ready for some snow days! When you were a kid, snow days made their own fun—hello, you weren’t in school! But as an adult, you may find snowy days frustrating, boring, or unproductive. At Alexis Diner in NJ, we’re always happy to bring you in out of the cold, but for those days when leaving your house just isn’t in the works, you should have some back up plans. Here’s how to enjoy your snow day (or night) during this chilly season.

  1. Marathon time! A snowy day when work and entertainment activities are cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t do anything! This is the perfect time to marathon that new TV series, re-watch your favorite film trilogy, dig into a new book series, or anything else. By setting a theme for the day, you wont’ feel as much like you’re wasting time—you may actually feel accomplished!
  2. Bond with loved ones. Being stuck inside the house all day might seem like a drag, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, use this time to bond with the loved ones you share space with. Whether this means talking about the latest events, setting aside some time to plan an Ultimate Chore Calendar, or simply spending some quality time playing games or conversing, being stuck together can bring you close in more than one way.
  3. Send someone to pick up an online order, or get delivery! Yuck, that snow makes us want to hide inside our nice warm diner in Denville! Do it right by sending out the bravest, strongest, and most weather-proofed member of your household to pick up an online order from your favorite restaurant in NJ, or order delivery. Make sure to tip your delivery driver well—you know you don’t want to be out in this!
  4. Brace the cold and play! Adults seem less into this idea, but going out and playing in that snow can be fun! Build a snowman, try to recreate your household members out of snow (yes, this includes Mr. Snake and the tank of goldfish!), or stage a snowball fight. No matter what, use this day off for something positive.

For more great tips, visit the Alexis Diner in NJ or check back regularly on our blog!

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