Ask most kids what their favorite part of the holidays is and you’ll hear “presents!” As children, everything is new and exciting… as adults, many people view gifts with a bit more of a critical eye, seeing the capitalism and clutter that they often bring with them. As a result, many of the loyal patrons to our diner in New Jersey have expressed an urge to be somewhat minimalist this holiday season. We’d like to share with you our favorite gift-giving tips for those minimalists in your life!

Give experiences. Instead of “stuff” that clutters up shelves, give your minimalist the gift of experience. This could be anything from taking the kids to a free museum exhibit on dinosaurs, to scheduling a full-day family sledding trip, to taking your best friend to that comedy show she’s been waiting to see. Tickets to the event or necessary accessories, like new sleds, are great for the “unwrapping” moment. Experiences are also great as gift cards, such as purchasing a gift card to the Alexis Diner!

Give time. In today’s world, most people have more stuff than they can handle… what many people complain about lacking on a day-to-day basis is time! Unless you’re able to manipulate minutes and days, you might not be able to give this directly, but you can give your loved ones time in many ways. For example, offer a parent couple a night out without the baby—and provide the stress-free baby care to them at no cost. Run some errands for a busy friend, or consider telling your family that you’ll save them the time spent cooking this season. Whether you do it yourself, or hire it out by placing a catering order with Alexis Diner, this can be a great time-saver.

Give useful, finite items. Okay, we do all need stuff… so make sure that any “stuff” you give is definitely going to be used and used up! We’ve heard that our house-made salad dressing, Pappous Greek Salad Dressing, has made an excellent stocking-stuffer for many of our diners. Beauty products, car accessories, and lots of other things are nice treats that won’t gather dust when given to the right person.

What are your favorite gift-giving ideas? Do you like to pile on the “stuff” or keep it simple? Check back on our blog frequently for more great ideas!

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