For many people, eating healthier, losing weight, or making other food-related choices are top goals for the New Year. In fact, we’ve already had customers at the Alexis Diner asking about healthy diner food in New Jersey! Fortunately, we’ve got some great tips lined up for how to eat great in the New Year!

Stay Small. Portion control is a key of weight management and healthy eating. In moderation, most foods are perfectly acceptable to include in a healthy diet—however, American portions have grown and grown over the years, so your typical “meal” at a diner in NJ might realistically feed 3-4 people! Stay small, such as enjoying one of our small plates, and enjoy a smaller waistline and smaller bill!

Start Right. Our diner has a variety of fresh soups daily, and there is almost no better way to start a meal! When you eat soup before a meal, especially vegetable and broth-based soups, you are less likely to overeat, more likely to get your vegetables in, and more likely to feel full. A win-win situation, especially since our leftovers are great for lunch the next day!

Change Your Star. Meat is the star of most American meals. This fact often pushes healthier options, such as vegetables, to the side. Change your “star” this year and make veggies the leading food on your plate. Our veggie burgers and salads are a great start!

Be Mindful. Tired of picking apart your menu? Then this tip is for you! Instead of micromanaging what you eat, focus on how you eat. A great way to do this is to experience your food through all five senses. What does it look like? Can you smell a delicious aroma? Does it make a sound as you stir, bite, or chew it? How does it feel in your hands or on your tongue? Finally, how does it taste? By experiencing food mindfully, you can increase your satisfaction, eat less, and experience relaxation throughout your life.

Sip Smart. Admit it: you’ve downed multiple big glasses of soda at a restaurant before and killed your appetite. Even in moderation, what you drink can affect your meal and your waistline. Choosing water can be a great way to “save” some calories for dessert, or consider a low-calorie beverage like unsweetened iced tea or coffee.

No matter what your food goals are for 2018, start them off right at the Alexis Diner in NJ! We love to meet the challenges of our loyal patrons, so feel free to ask about special orders or customizations!

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