Everybody hears the same advice, over and over again. Eat more fruits and vegetables! While this sounds great in theory, many people end up feeling frustrated by the effort to eat salads all day. After all, where else do those healthy fruits and veggies play a role? Some tips from the Alexis Diner in New Jersey may just surprise you—and help you to get more fruits and vegetables in your day.

Tip #1: Go big with breakfast. Most people think of breakfast as a protein-loaded, heavy platter, or a “light” meal of a pastry, bagel, or other baked good. But breakfast is a perfect place to squeeze in a few extra servings of your favorite (or even least favorite) food groups! Omelets are the perfect place to add peppers, spinach, or even broccoli—we might not have them all on the menu, but see what our custom orders can include! Your waffles, French toast, and pancakes will also benefit from a health upgrade, so consider adding fresh fruit instead of piles and piles of syrup.

Tip #2: Benefit with appetizers and desserts. You may think of these delicious meal “bookends” as a diet pitfall, but they can be a great place to add healthy elements. Instead of aiming for deep-fried, fatty elements, try appetizers that focus on fresh vegetables. Salads are a classic, but vegetable trays and other items can be a great way to bulk up on veggies. Looking for a healthier dessert option? Ditch the cheesecake and ice cream (until your next visit!) and aim for something fruity. Fruit bowls or angel food cake topped with fresh fruit can be a nice treat that still helps you get those fruits in.

Tip #3: Go “side”ways! Like many restaurants, Alexis Diner offers a variety of tasty side dishes to complement your entrée. Most people love our French fries, and while we agree, we know they aren’t always the healthiest things to eat, especially on a daily basis. That’s why we offer other, healthier choices, such as baked potatoes or steamed vegetables.

Challenge yourself to break your unhealthy eating habits and fill your plates with fruits and vegetables, no matter where you are! For more tips, check back on the Alexis Diner blog regularly!

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