Admit it. As much as you love mom’s home-cooked food, your husband’s favorite dish, or your own custom breakfast, there is always something about diner and restaurant food that leaves you wanting more! At Alexis Diner in New Jersey, we often hear people ask “how do you make this so good!?” While we won’t disclose all our secrets, we’ll share a few of them with you!

We use better ingredients. This simple answer surprises many of our customers. Quite simply, we often have access to better, fresher ingredients than most home cooks. This has to do with our buying power, which allows us to get expensive items at a reasonable cost due to how much and how often we purchase, as well as the fact that we go through things quickly, ensuring that our supplies are always fresh.

Practice makes perfect. Remember the first time you cooked your favorite dish? Chances are, it has changed and improved since then. We get to practice making most of our dishes on a daily basis, which means that we’ve perfected it over time.

We don’t skimp on the seasoning—including salt. A common mistake many home cooks make is to save seasoning for the end, or even for the table! On the other hands, chefs at the best diners in NJ know that seasoning occurs throughout the process, including salting at many stages. For our sodium-sensitive customers, we’ve mastered the arts of using non-sodium spices to bring out the best flavor.

We get it hotter. Your oven may sabotage you! By not being hot enough or not distributing heat evenly, your cooking efforts may be foiled by your household range. Commercial stoves heat hotter, more evenly, and more precisely—but they cost far more and use more resources than the average home cook can justify.

Experience counts. In addition to the skills of our chefs, the experience of visiting a restaurant or diner in NJ is important as well. When you visit the Alexis Diner, you don’t have to prepare, cook, serve or clean up—and your server is always happy to grab another cup of water, side sauce, or anything else you might need. Sometimes, the restaurant experience itself makes the food taste better!

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