When most people think about what they like most about their favorite restaurant or diner in New Jersey, they talk about the food! And while we do love our food here at Alexis Diner, we thought we’d give our beverages a spotlight this month: After all, a great beverage can complement and complete your meal! Read on to find out some of our favorites.

Bottomless sodas. You heard that right—our soda refills are complementary! Enjoy all the Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper fountain drinks you can consume—but leave room for your veggies, or your parents might yell at you!

Iced tea. For a flavorful beverage without the calories, try our unsweetened tea. For a lower calorie beverage than most sodas, our flavored iced teas are the perfect refreshing solution.

Juice. Looking for a way to squeeze those fruits in? Try some fresh-squeezed juice! We serve orange, cranberry, apple, grapefruit and tomato juice, rounding out your meal and hitting on one of those important, but often overlooked, nutritional categories!

Milk. This has been a dinner classic for many years, packing a punch of protein and calcium in each sip. This isn’t just for kids—we have plenty of adults who enjoy our white, skim, chocolate, and almond milk!

Coffee. Is anything more classic than diner coffee? We think not! Enjoy endless refills as long as you hang out with us!

Fancy coffee. Okay, so maybe you’re not the classic type. But did you know that your favorite diner in New Jersey likely serves fancy coffee drinks now? We don’t think coffeehouses have that much on us—enjoy a café latte, cappuccino, café mocha, or espresso at the Alexis Diner!

Next time you stop in to visit the Alexis Diner in New Jersey, don’t stick to boring old water! Try out our beverages for a delightful change of pace and addition to your meal.

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