When we talk with our visitors at the Alexis Diner in New Jersey, they seem split on Valentine’s Day. While some people love the holiday as much as the hearts that represent it, others would rather skip this one over for the “real” holidays. But can’t every day be an excuse to show your love to those who matter the most? Read on to find out our favorite five ways to show your love this Valentine’s Day—to anyone who matters!

  1. Ease a burden. Instead of giving gifts, eliminate a burden or hassle in your loved one’s life. This could be as small as offering to pick a friend’s kids up from school, as big as paying off a debt, or anything in between. Even something as easy as making sure you return the family car with a full tank of gas can show your love!
  2. Gift your attention. Are your loved ones always annoyed that you are working, on the phone, engaging in a solo hobby, or otherwise ignoring them? Make this Valentine’s Day just about them—including those basics such as eye contact, active listening, and getting rid of distractions.
  3. Eat together. While many people are devolving to quick meals gobbled up in front of the TV or in the car, eating together with loved ones builds trust, promotes emotional bonding, and encourages conversation! This Valentine’s Day, take your loved one for a special meal at your favorite diner in NJ, make something yourself, or cheat and bring home an online order.
  4. Express gratitude. Most people are use to hearing compliments and criticisms, but gratitude can be hard to come by. For the person you love most, consider gifting them with a thank-you card, carefully listing each way that they have made your life better. You’ll be surprised at how much you appreciate this person!
  5. Let them lead. Do you always seem to end up doing what you want to do? Even when you both “compromise,” you probably know that you end up getting your way more often than not. Try letting your loved one lead for the day! Commit to doing anything they want, within reason and cost budgets, and free yourself to have fun!

At Alexis Diner, we show our love on a daily basis through great food and the highest quality customer service. Stop by this Valentine’s Day for a casual, romantic meal, or any day of the week!

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