At Alexis Diner in New Jersey, we love a nice, stress-free holiday—and we’ve heard that most of our customers would prefer the same! But how can you manage the busiest season of the year without a little stressing out? Read on to find out our top tips to make the holidays stress-free.

Cut back. If you’re known for working 80+ work weeks, this may be a great time of year to cut back a little and spend time relaxing. Others are likely to be out of the office, and you will probably get some more freedom in terms of how you want to spend your time.

Plan carefully, but loosely. Plans are a great way to save yourself the mental energy of figuring out what to do, and can be especially helpful if you have family or friends coming into town. However, don’t feel “tied” to those plans; a little bit of spontaneity can make a great season.

Let someone else do it. Feeling overworked by all the demands to cook healthy meals, decorate to the nines, or perform some other tasks that you normally wouldn’t? Don’t waste your valuable time—have someone else do it. For example, if you are dreading cooking a meal for all your hungry guests, skip the work and have Alexis Diner in NJ cater your events! Even for everyday meals, ordering online and bringing great food home can help you to save some time.

Schedule alone time. Even for the extroverts in the crowd, having to be “on” all the time to entertain or engage can be challenging. Save yourself some stress and schedule some time alone, whether that is a long drive, a quiet breakfast, or a chance to read a good book.

Don’t neglect others. If you have special guests coming in, it can be tempting and easy to miss spending time with your local friends, family members, or neighbors. Make time for these important people in your life by scheduling some time without the guests. A visit to your favorite diner in Denville can be the perfect way to reconnect and vent!

All of us at the Alexis Diner with you and yours the best this holiday season.

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